Danley Engineering

Danley Engineering

Danley Engineering Services Ltd
Heys Lane
Great Harwood
United Kingdom

Category: Business

DES for World Class Tufting Machines.

Danley was one of the first companies to offer carpet manufacturers the chance to purchase fully reconditioned and guaranteed tufting machines, that were hand built to the customers exact specifications.

Demand for these machines soon grew to allow Danley to expand and produce its own tufting machinery parts, suitable for any make of tufting machine.

Danley has a number of patented parts that improve efficiency of machinery such as Danley Reed Plates, Danley Semi-Modular Hook block and Danley Semi-Modular Knife systems.

Danley has a tremendous amount of experience with all makes of tufting machinery and also has a successful track record of supplying all types of machinery spares and conversions, to the World's leading carpet manufacturers.

Services & Facilities

  • Tufting Machinery & Parts
  • Textile Waste Stripeprs
  • Subcontract Engineering
  • Yarn Stripping
  • Breakdown/Repair Work
  • After Sales Service
  • Commission Work
  • Fully Reconditioned Tufting Machines


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