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Welcome To Great Harwood.

A small historic market town on the edge of the Ribble Valley

Defibrillator for Harwood

New defibrillator outside Bank Mill House
By the end of March a defibrillator will be placed on an external wall at Bank Mill House – this will be housed in a purpose-built wall box. The money for this defibrillator has come from the Great Harwood Area Council and the Great Harwood and Rishton Rotary Club has been instrumental in agreeing an appropriate site and getting the NW Ambulance Service involved. The town's Community Action Group (CAG) is proud to have set the ball rolling and to have managed the project to this stage. The NW Ambulance Service envisage that it will point any local 999 caller to the defibrillator and talk him/her through the simple procedure –"the earlier a heart stoppage is identified the greater the chance of survival". Simon Doyle, a first responder with the NW Ambulance Service, provided an insight into the procedure with some hands-on instruction at a meeting in Bank Mill House and handed over a defibrillator to Councillor Ian Robinson, who was representing the Great Harwood Area Council.


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